NSCC Alumni Association

The NAA Mission

The mission of the NSCC Alumni Association is to serve the interests of alumni through educational, charitable or cultural programs and involve the alumni in the promotion, advancement and support of the U.S Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC). The Association shall represent the interest of alumni in developing and implementing the mission and policies of the USNSCC.

Some of the means shall be by:

  • Continuing a strong relationship with the Alumni, the USNSCC, and other supporting organizations. 
  •  Strengthening the bonds of loyalty and friendship among alumni.
  • Assisting the USNSCC in its recruiting and retention efforts
  • Supporting USNSCC sponsored activities, including those of local units, regional and field staffs, that enrich the life of USNSCC cadets and officers and their communities.
  • Taking such other actions as may be deemed appropriate to promote the interests and welfare of the USNSCC and its alumni

Who We Are

The NAA is an organization that exists to support, promote and encourage a bright future for the NSCC.  We also are here to celebrate our Sea Cadet Heritage.  Volunteer to host an Alumni function in your local area today! 

The NSCC Alumni Association relies heavily on our members and donors like you to build the association from the ground up!  Please donate to the NAA today! 

Acceptance Mark

To become a member of the NAA, please complete a membership application.

The NAA is governed by a Board of Directors.  The NAA Executive Council (NEC) is responsible to the Board of Directors for the daily operations of the Association.  Got an issue for the NAA?  Let us know.

What we do

We were founded to strengthen the relationship between NSCC Alumni.  Along with celebrating our Sea Cadet heritage, we support the NSCC a few different ways. 

We support the NSCC in the following ways:

  • Fund raising for unit/regional support
  • Supporting local unit activities/events
  • Connecting shipmates

The NAA is not only dedicated to its support of the NSCC and its future, but, first and foremost, to the Sea Cadet community of the past.  That is why the NSCC Alumni Association is here.  The NAA is your community!  We offer our very own Alumni Discussion Forum where you can chat with other Sea Cadet Alums just like you.  Perhaps you would like to find your Sea Cadet "boot camp buddy" from 10 years ago.  Once a member, you can search the NAA Alumni Directory for your long lost pal.

Also, please take a moment and visit our In Memoriam section.  This is where the NAA honors our Fallen Heroes and deceased members of our Sea Cadet community.

If you haven't already joined the NAA, please celebrate your Sea Cadet heritage!


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